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  • The%20Making%20of%20Gone%20With%20The%20Wind

    The Making of Gone With The Wind

    By Steve Wilson

    Gone With The Wind is one of the most popular movies of all time. To commemorate its seventy-fifth anniversary in 2014, The Making of Gone With The Wind presents more than 600 items from the archives of David O. Selznick, the film’s producer, and his business partner John Hay “Jock”... + More

  • Being%20Miss%20America

    Being Miss America

    Behind the Rhinestone Curtain

    By Kate Shindle

    For nearly a hundred years, young women have competed for the title of Miss America—although what it means to wear the crown and be our “ideal” has changed dramatically over time. The Miss America Pageant began as a bathing beauty contest in 1920s Atlantic City, New Jersey, sponsored by businessmen... + More

  • The%20Face%20of%20Texas

    The Face of Texas

    Photographs by Michael O'Brien. With stories by Elizabeth O'Brien

    The Face of Texas celebrates the individuality and independent spirit of Texas through compelling portraits of its people by Michael O’Brien, one of America’s premier portrait photographers. In this acclaimed photo essay, he assembles a gallery of noteworthy Texans both native and naturalized, ranging from former president George W. Bush... + More

  • The%20Devil's%20Backbone

    The Devil's Backbone

    By Bill Wittliff

    The last the boy Papa saw of his Momma, she was galloping away on her horse Precious in the saddle her father took from a dead Mexican officer after the Battle of San Jacinto, fleeing from his Daddy, Old Karl, a vicious, tight-fisted horse trader. Momma’s flight sets Papa on... + More

  • Naturally%20Healthy%20Mexican%20Cooking

    Naturally Healthy Mexican Cooking

    Authentic Recipes for Dieters, Diabetics, and All Food Lovers

    By Jim Peyton

    Just about everyone loves Mexican food, but should you eat it if you want to manage your weight or diabetes? Yes, absolutely! There are literally hundreds of authentic Mexican dishes that are naturally healthy—moderate in calories, fat, and sugar—and completely delectable. In Naturally Healthy Mexican Cooking, Jim Peyton presents some... + More

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The Charles Bowden Reader

The Charles Bowden Reader

By Charles Bowden

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Two Prospectors

Two Prospectors

The Letters of Sam Shepard and Johnny Dark

By Sam Shepard and Johnny Dark

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Cormac McCarthy's House

Cormac McCarthy's House

Reading McCarthy Without Walls

By Peter Josyph

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