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  • Postcard%20America

    Postcard America

    Curt Teich and the Imaging of a Nation, 1931-1950

    By Jeffrey L. Meikle

    From the Great Depression through the early postwar years, any postcard sent in America was more than likely a “linen” card. Colorized in vivid, often exaggerated hues and printed on card stock embossed with a linen-like texture, linen postcards celebrated the American scene with views of majestic landscapes, modern cityscapes,... + More

  • The%20Collections

    The Collections

    The University of Texas at Austin

    Edited by Andrée Bober

    Believing that a strong academic enterprise welcomes and thrives upon collections, the University of Texas at Austin has long been one of the world’s distinguished collecting universities. Its holdings, spanning more than 170 million objects, result from research and pedagogical interests that cover a radical range of subjects—archaeology, ethnography, fine... + More

  • The%20Mechanical%20Horse
    The Mechanical Horse

    The Mechanical Horse

    How the Bicycle Reshaped American Life

    By Margaret Guroff

    With cities across the country adding miles of bike lanes and building bike-share stations, bicycling is enjoying a new surge of popularity in America. It seems that every generation or two, Americans rediscover the freedom of movement, convenience, and relative affordability of the bicycle. The earliest two-wheeler, the draisine, arrived... + More

  • Madonnaland


    And Other Detours into Fame and Fandom

    By Alina Simone

    When Alina Simone agreed to write a book about Madonna, she thought it might provide an interesting excuse to indulge her own eighties nostalgia. Wrong. What Simone discovered instead was a tidal wave of already published information about Madonna—and her own ambivalence about, maybe even jealousy of, the Material Girl’s... + More

  • Real%20Love,%20No%20Drama

    Real Love, No Drama

    The Music of Mary J. Blige

    By Danny Alexander

    Mary J. Blige is an icon who represents the political consciousness of hip hop and the historical promise of soul. She is an everywoman, celebrated by Oprah Winfrey and beloved by pop music fans of all ages and races. Blige has sold over fifty million albums, won numerous Grammys, and... + More

  • The%20Capitalist%20and%20the%20Critic

    The Capitalist and the Critic

    J. P. Morgan, Roger Fry, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art

    By Charles Molesworth

    Shortly after the turn of the twentieth century, the Metropolitan Museum of Art began an ambitious program of collection building and physical expansion that transformed it into one of the world’s foremost museums, an eminence that it has maintained ever since. Two men of singular qualities and accomplishments played key... + More

Best of the Backlist

We Could Not Fail

We Could Not Fail

The First African Americans in the Space Program

By Richard Paul and Steven Moss

+ More
Betting the Farm on a Drought

Betting the Farm on a Drought

Stories from the Front Lines of Climate Change

By Seamus McGraw

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It Starts with Trouble

It Starts with Trouble

William Goyen and the Life of Writing

By Clark Davis

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